"Mark Subervielle is a real estate agent who was brought in by Nor-Joe’s founder to sell it. Most prospective buyers had plans to close the grocery and redevelop the property, he said. 

But then Subervielle took an interest himself. His family hails from Old Jefferson, where they ran a dairy and later had their own grocery. Those family memories spurred him to give the old place a go, so he switched from agent to buyer.

“I really did not want to see another traditional business shut down,” he said. “They retain the fabric of the community. We lose something when they close.”

Nor-Joe was first opened by Norma Schiffmann and the late Joe Giglio, a local couple who started out selling hand-made mozzarella. They developed the business into a supplier of specialty foods for many restaurants around the area, and their store drew a regular clientele for marinated cheese and cured meats, ready-made trays of lasagna and sacks of ravioli and tortellini. With a few small tables set up around the deli cases and racks, it felt like a bit of Little Palermo in Old Metairie." 

Excerpt from an article by Ian McNulty for The Advocate. Click HERE to read the full article.